Starting from choosing the best polymer, special pigments and production with a special wet-spinning process, Durashine™ fibre is carefully produced to ensure that the fabrics made with Durashine™ have high resistance to sunlight, rains, chemicals and mechanical abrasion.

In addition to the strong technical foundation, Durashine™ fibre comes in a wide range of colors, developed for awnings, outdoor furniture, marine fabrics – after conducting an extensive market research and understanding the needs of the consumers and the industry.

Standard Colors

PR 142 Bright Red
PR 161 Burgundy
PB 108 Marine Blue
PC 102 Cholocate
PS 024 Charcoal
PI 008 Beige
PC 015 Champignon
PR 244 Rust Red
PG 216 Forest Green
PG 023 Lagoon
PB 195 Navy Blue
PY 090 Bright Yellow
PW Natural White
PN 400 Black

Special Colors

Cherry Blossom PO030
Merigold PY225
Red Velvet PR130
Turquoise PB008
Sky Blue PB009
Midnight Blue PB050
Parrot Green PG056
Seaweed PG212
Aqua Green PG120
Taupe PI006
Long-Term Strength and Durability
Fresh fabric appearance
Protection from chemicals