With excellent color fastness to sunlight, durability to mechanical or chemical weathering and resistance to UV radiation, Durashine™ is available in a range of shades in the form of fibre and tops.

Fabrics made with Durashine™ are regularly tested for high performance required for outdoor applications.



Durashine™ offers excellent resistance to weathering withstanding harsh weather conditions without loss of fabric strength.

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Sun Umbrellas

Our fabrics offer excellent light fastness compliant to ISO 105-B02: 1994 (E) giving it a Permanent New Look

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Outdoor Upholstery

Withstands harsh climates and weathering with negligible loss in fabric strength

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Marine Exterior and Decorative

Marine fabrics using Durashine™ materials are protected from chemicals and offers colour fastness to action of alkalis and acids as per international standards

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